Celestron LandScout 60

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LandScout 60 is a new Celestron telescope with a lens diameter of 60 mm and variable magnifications in the range of 12-36 times. It is a simple to use and reliable companion of every activity in the field. The compact, lightweight design encourages you to take a telescope for every trip.

LandScout 60 is very good at shooting - while observing the shield. Its strong, sealed construction allows it to be used also in difficult weather conditions.

Although it is a telescope from the economic shelf, it has optics covered with good MC layers and is characterized by good sharpness and brightness.


• FC anti-reflective layers for images with higher brightness and sharpness
• very compact and light construction
• swivel mounting foot for tripod - allows you to adjust the position of the eyepiece optimal for a given application (eg lateral position of the eyepiece during shooting)
• eyepiece with variable magnification in the range of 12 to 36 times - from wide field of view to zoom in with a high level of detail in the image
• the large focus adjustment knob allows you to set the image precisely

Technical parameters

• Zoom: 12-36x, zoom
• Diameter of the lens: 60 mm
• Optical system: achromat refractor + Amici's 45 ° BK-7 prism
• Anti-reflective layers: FC
• Field of view: 3 ° - 1.6 ° (52 - 28 m / 1000 m)
• Minimum distance of observation: 6 m
• Length of the tube: 27 cm
• The height of the table tripod (max): 25 cm
• Weight: 545 g (850 g with a tripod)




2 years

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