Celestron Microscope Kit

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The Celestron biological microscope with magnifications from 40x to 600x - is an excellent choice for novice biology students. At high magnifications it works well in observations of plant preparations and animal tissues, bacteria, yeast and protozoa. At smaller magnifications, non-transparent objects look great - minerals, rocks, insects, coins and the like. Start with the completed preparations ready - and then prepare your own!

Accessories included

• 3 ready-made preparations, 2 slides clean, 1 slide with a recess
• light diffuser
• preparation needle, tweezers, pipette

Technical parameters

• lenses: 4x, 15x, 30x
• eyepiece: zoom, 10-20x
• magnification: 40-80x, 150-600x
• stage table: 74 mm x 70 mm
• lighting: upper (powered by 2 AAA batteries) and lower incandescent (powered by 2 AA batteries) + mirror
• dimensions: 133 mm x 79 mm x 248 mm
• weight: 625 g


2 years

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