Vortex Crossfire Red Dot

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Vortex Crossfire is a collimator that opens the way for those who have long considered the purchase of a collimator, but good equipment of this type was either too expensive or too low. Now, robust performance and affordable price go hand in hand with this compact design.

The Vortex Crossfire collimator has a bright spot with a diameter of 2 MOA. The dot is easy to locate, which allows you to quickly track the target and give a good shot.

The skeleton construction is available in two heights. This allows the use of the Vortex Crossfire collimator both on a rifle, a pistol, and on AR platforms.


• multi-layered optics - the anti-reflection coating on the lens surface allows for a bright image.
• adjusting the brightness of the spot - 11 levels of brightness of the spot makes it easier to adapt to the area in which we shoot and the lighting conditions.
• no parallax error - the collimator has such a low parallax error that it has no effect on the result of the shots being fired.

• unlimited distance from the eye - no matter how far away the eye is from the collimator, the spot and the target will always be perfectly visible.

• water resistance - o-ring seals prevent the penetration of moisture, dust and dust, which improves the reliability of the telescope in all conditions.
• anodized coating - even more resistant due to the anodized coating. This coating will protect the collimator against scratches and corrosion for many years.
• battery life - up to 7000 hours of battery life.
• frame assembly - frame construction allowed to reduce the assembly weight without affecting its durability.

Technical parameters

• magnification: 1x
• Lens diameter: 28 mm
• distance from the eye: unlimited
• spot color: red
• spot size: 2 MOA
• step adjustment: 1 MOA / click
• height adjustment (max): 100 MOA
• supply air control (max): 100 MOA
• filling gas: nitrogen
• power supply: CR2032 × 1
• length: 64 mm
• weight: 148 g
• lifetime VIP guarantee: yes


Lifetime warranty: if anything happens to your telescope, Vortex will repair it or replace it with a completely new one.

* The warranty does not cover the loss, theft or intentional destruction of the telescope.

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